Partnerships are integral to our philosophy and culture. Through partnerships, we can support our diversity and growth in providing value to our projects. As we feel that these partnerships are integral to our philosophy and culture, we include our employees, clients, contractors and communities in this focus.

MDG First Nations Constructors Limited Partnership

The MDG First Nations Constructors Limited Partnership was developed through a series of significant partnerships and joint ventures with bands throughout Western Canada. These partnerships are structured to best meet the needs of the client and First Nation community.

MDG has a sophisticated First Nations inclusion plan. At MDG we are committed to work with First Nations in a meaningful and progressive manner on projects associated with the Traditional Territories of the respective First Nation communities.

DMS Industrial Constructors

DMS is an ISO certified company, based in southern Manitoba and is one of western Canada’s fastest growing mechanical contractors, specializing in industrial piping and equipment installation for new construction as well as expansions, maintenance turnarounds and plant relocations.

DMS Industrial ConstructorsThrough our mutual standard of high quality value added work and open communication, we are able to provide a full service approach to any project. Both companies recognized the major synergies each offer in industrial construction and maintenance. DMS Industrial rounds out MDG’s industrial services by providing additional resources, greater capacity and increased technical expertise.


MDG also works closely with a number of subcontractor companies who share in the same goals and service commitments as we do. We choose companies who have an extensive portfolio and who pride themselves on quality and safety.

We will continue to develop synergistic partnerships to expand our resources, capacity and expertise.