MDG Group of Companies has a long history of working with First Nations, and as a result of that history, we have made it a priority to invest time and effort to build trust in these communities. The MDG First Nations Constructors Limited Partnership was developed through a series of partnerships and joint ventures; Corporately, these partnerships are based on what works best to meet the needs of the client and First Nation community.

MDG has a sophisticated First Nations inclusion plan. Currently there are several significant strategic alliances with Bands and Nations throughout Western Canada. MDG is committed to work with First Nations in a meaningful and progressive manner on projects associated and of interest with the Traditional Territories of the respective First Nation communities.

From a community perspective, MDG actively pursues First Nations participation in all communities in which we work. We strive to provide opportunities for the utilization of First Nations owned business as well as the recruitment and training of First Nations trade labour personnel and the best use of First Nations subcontractor services. We also actively pursue projects that would include a First Nations equity partnership. Our fundamental belief is that everything should connect to First Nations as both stewards of the land and economic leaders.

Ron Mason, owner and President, is of First Nations heritage (Metis) and has always been active in the First Nations culture and the building of First Nation economic stability. He believes in partnerships, in standing together, and working together to create opportunities.