Safety is no accident

MDG Contracting Services Inc. is committed to the prevention of injury and illness through continual improvement and providing a safe and healthy workplace.

Safety is at the core of our value & culture and an integral part of our job, we will not compromise on health & safety. At MDG, we work as a team to achieve a safe workplace; everyone is responsible for safety from senior management to workers.

We ensure that safety is at the forefront on every jobsite with a goal of zero incidents through best practices.

Our Safety program includes a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and guidelines for performing work safely.

Certifications & Accreditations:

COR      ISN      PICS

MDG Health & Safety Policy

MDG is in the ISO 18000 (Health & Safety Management) certification process.


MDG Contracting Services is committed to acting responsibly to minimize and manage the impact of our construction activities on the environment. We strive for continual improvement of environmental awareness and sustainable practices and we are committed in achieving our business objectives in a respectful manner towards the environment.

MDG is in the ISO 14000 (Environmental Management) certification process.

MDG Environmental Policy